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For the sailor or couples that are dreaming about one day going cruising, we offer a more extensive "Try Before You Buy" interactive learning experience, where you will get to experience what it's actually like to cruise on a fully kitted out luxury Lagoon 400 sailing catamaran.


Not only will you get to enjoy time cruising to a more distant location, but you will, at the same time, learn from a seasoned yachtsman that has recently sailed around the world aboard this very boat.  It is one thing to sit in a classroom environment listening to theory or watching Youtube channels at home.  It is quite another to actually go and do it.   Nothing will prepare you better than actually sampling and being exposed to the real adventure, on a true blue water catamaran, under the guidance of a compassionate expert who is aware of what it takes to dream, plan and execute on your cruising dream and make this lifestyle enjoyable and attainable.


Click through or hover your mouse over the images below to see what you will experience in your "Try Before You Buy" Charter


The Dry Tortugas


To really get the most out of this trip, you should allow at least 10 days.  That will give you enough time to get there, enjoy this magnificent place, and get back, all while still allowing for weather windows.  If you are short on time, and would prefer not to make the longer trip there and back, or do not want to do an overnight sail, we can always pick you up (and drop you off) in Key West,FL.  If you have enough time, enjoy the stops that can be made there or back.

The Dry Tortugas lie about 70 miles west from Key West, FL, and here you will find the magnificent Fort Jefferson.  There is so much history to explore and appreciate here, you won't want to leave.  There are also wrecks to dive or snorkel on, crystal clear water to swim in and white sand beaches to explore.  Some boats are limited by the fact that there is no fresh water source here, but we have a water maker aboard, so you will never run out!  This is a great trip to make if you are thinking of going cruising, but feel you don't have enough sailing experience, or really want to get a feel for the cruising life before committing to buying a boat.

The Bahamas

Have you seen those stunning pictures of the Bahamas and have always wanted to go?  Most of those places you see in the photos are only accessible by boat.  Let us take you there.  We have sailed around the world, and the Bahamas are most definitely in our top 5 most beautiful destinations!  And they are only a stone's throw away from Florida!

As with all our charters, we will customize the trip to fit your needs and schedule.  Feel like getting some sea miles under your belt?  Do the Gulf Stream crossing with us and sail all the way there.  Just want to enjoy the stunning Exhumas?  Fly into Georgetown, and we'll pick you up there.  The possibilities are endless...just like the blue waters of the Bahamas.  We highly recommend it!

This is a much more extensive, in-depth learning experience.  It requires time and commitment, but if you are serious about cruising, there are parts of the Bahamas that are very remote, which will give you a good taste of what it really means to be cruising.  

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